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Ever since we got to India, I've had the worst night sweats. The only time I've ever had these was when I was sick and they are horrible. For two weeks I've woken up at least once a night covered in sweat. At first I thought it was the down pillows and comforter, but I think if I had an allergic reaction I would be breaking out or puffing up. I've kept my room as cold as it will go, have moved to sleeping in a t-shirt and putting my hair up each night but it has not improved the situation.

After talking to my travel buddy B, she suggested that it might be my malaria medicine that I have to take everyday. It could be...I didn't have this problem before coming to India. I decided to check up on the side-effects of this medicine, but very few people mention night sweats and it's not an official side-effect from all the medical websites.

Before having Kyle call my doctor, I decided to research night sweats to see if I could find a homeopathic remedy that I might be able to find here. After some Googling I think I might have found the culprit: spicy food.

Now I do like spicy food and have not had any tummy troubles from what I've been eating. I'm actually enjoying working my way through the hotel restaurant menu. However I don't think my body is used to the amount of spicy food that I have been eating. So I've decided to cut out the spicy food this weekend to see if the condition improves. If not, I think I can assume that the night sweats are from the malaria medicine and enjoy the spicy food! It's only for two more weeks...

More neat information on the food in India...

Everyone at work is all about sharing their food. And it's not just to have me try their food; they share amongst themselves freely. It's vey friendly and fun to try the different foods. And they seem to like the fact that I'm willing to try everything and really enjoy it.

I learned before coming to India that a lot of people eat with their hands. That's cool...when I go to Eithiopian restaurants back home we eat with our hands. However one thing I have learned here is that you are not supposed to eat with your left hand. Why? I am not sure. A lot of the people at work do use their left hand, a lot do not. But we've never been told that we shouldn't by anyone.

The waiters here are almost "sub-servient" in a way. At first they would pour my Diet Coke for me and I felt very uncomfortable. Then they bring us our dishes and they serve us from them (from the serving bowl to our plates). While they are doing this, they are almost completely bent over from the waist and it makes me very uncomfortable. The serving of the food bothers me because they leave the serving bowls on our table, but then don't really want us serving ourselves. If we reach for the the serving bowls sometimes someone appears and takes it from us to serve us. Some of the waiters have learned that we can do it and leave us to serve ourselves (after the initial food placement into our plates). The hotel is the worst about it. But since we're there for breakfast and dinner almost everyday, they are learning what we like and I'm up to pouring my own Coke now.

One last thing...All the waiters we have met with are men. Nothing but men waiters for two weeks. I don't think it's a coincidence. I will need to ask one of the girls at work and see if there's something behind it.

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