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Welcome to India!

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After 3 flight delays, 4 security screenings, 1 customs walk-through and the scariest taxi ride I've ever had, we are finally at our hotel. We arrived this (Saturday) morning and got into our rooms around 9:30 am. It is a very nice room with a lovely bathroom.

The first thing I did was to set-up my laptop to see if I could even plug it in and get on the web. I bought a converter to use here and set that up to plug my laptop into. It seemed to work for a few minutes, but then the laptop stopped charging and used up the battery. I then switched the converter to HI which is used for appliance over 25 watts. That did not work either. Then I noticed a different plug that seemed to work for another adapter in the converter set. So I switched to that and the HI setting and it worked. GREAT!. I also packed a surge protector so that I could also charge the camera bettery at the same time. So I then added a 2- to 3-prong adapter and the surge protector into the mix. As soon as I plugged the laptop into the surge protector the lights went out. Complete darkness. This was a wonderful way to start my stay in a new country. I played with the light switches, but finally had to give in and go to the hotel front desk. They sent someone up and either they replaced the fuse or just reset the breaker. Either way the lights were back on. I tried again (without the surge protector and prong adapter) and was able to get online and stay powered enough to call Kyle back home over the internet.

We talked about the converter for a bit but nothing seemed to work and the laptop would not charge. So I called again to the front desk and asked if they had a converter specifially for a laptop machine (because by this time I had discovered the very tiny print in the converter info that said don't use it for a laptop. In a few moments, there was a knock at my door and one of the hotel's IT people was there. I explained to him that I couldn't get my converter to work to get my laptop to charge. He tells me that I don't need a converter. The second weird plug I talked about? I can stick all my plugs into that. I blew a fuse for no reason today. I wish that were in all the booklets I read about today trying to figure this out.

I finally got the laptop to charge and talked with Kyle a bit about the animals and home. After I got off with him I took a much needed shower (we will not talk about how bad I smell after being on planes for 16+ hours and in airports for another 10 hours). B and I had agreed to try and re-group around 5 for dinner. I put on night clothes and switched on the tv so I would fall into deep sleep.

Around 5:15 this evening I got up and put on regular clothes and waiting for Brenda. I got back into bed and watched tv and cat napped until 9 tonight. At that point I was starting to get hungry so I went to B's room and knocked. No answer. She probably has her ear plugs in and is snoozing away. I came back to my room and ordered a Thali. It had three curries, raita, roti, naan, gulab jamuun, rice, beans and paneer. I was really good but way too much. I guess I didn't realize how much that would be. I also ordered a mango lassi because I like them a lot and I read that I should eat a lot of yogurt when we arrive in order to acclimate our bodies.

After that I unpacked (no reason to live out of a suitcase for 4 weeks) and settled in for the night. There are so many things to write about but I don't have the energy right now. I'm going to go lay down and read or try to find something on the TV.

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In London

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We landed in London at 9:00 am London time and went through security again (3rd time). We then went to a place called Weatherspoon for breakfast. I ordered a Traditional breakfast which consisted of a fried free-range egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, hash browns, mushrooms, half a grilled tomato and toast. I believe this is also called a "fry-up." It was really good.
We shared a table with a nice couple from New York who were going to Chennai for a wedding. They told us a lot about India and some interesting places to go if we got the chance.

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And we're off!

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I am in the second plane of the day, with one more to go before I get to Bangalore. Our first plane from Kansas City was over an hour late to leave because of bad weather in Chicago. B and I took the delay in stride but it is so funny to see some of the business travelers start to panic. We were hoping a delay could work in our favor by allowing us to spend the night in London. We shall see what happens when we land in London on Friday.

In Chicago we found that our plane to London had been delayed by 4 hours which would mean that we would miss our connection to Bangalore. But the ticketing agent changed our flight to an earlier one so we are more or less on schedule. I hope our luggage gets there on time...

If our flight to Bangalore is delayed, B and I are seriously considering going to London for a few hours so that she can show me around the city. I would not mind having a delay tomorrow!

British Airways has been a wonderful experience so far. Our plane to London was not at all full so B and I are able to have 2 seats to ourselves to stretch out. For dinner we were served beef lasagna, salad, a roll, spice cake, candy bar, wine, water and coffee. We all have small monitors and our choice of movies, tv shows and music. I already watched <i>Hairspray</i> and loved it. The turned out the cabin lights at 10:10 pm. I guess I should be sleeping but even at home I wouldn't be sleeping yet. I will soon take out my contacts and fall asleep watching something.

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